Alternative Transportation Ideas

Tourists don’t realise that there are other means of transportation besides renting a car or driving in their family sedan across the country. Alternative transportation can be a money saver for travelers who frequently go across drive across the country they live at and think it’s saving them money. For one, if you have an older model vehicle, then you may just add more miles, plus the wear and tear of your vehicle and all it’s parts is another thing you don’t really want to think about.

It’s a timeless journey when you’re in someone else’s mode of transportation such as a cruise ship or RV. Besides, don’t you want to enjoy the scenery? One of the culprits of having to drive in your vehicle is pulling over to check your tires, your oil, filling up again all at the next rest stop or gas station.

On the other hand, when it’s another owner’s transportation such as a RV or camper rental, it’s not that bad.

Here are some ideas of taking alternative transportation means for your next family vacation.

RVing – When you rent an RV, you’re not only driving in another vehicle besides your own, but you’re driving in style with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed, a place to rest, …and much more! You’ll be able to see the views as you drive (or someone else) or take a nap until you get to your destination! It may remind you of childhood vacations or if you’ve never taken one like this, the best time to start is now!

Cruise Ship – Enjoy the best thing in vacationing such as a cruise ship. You can pick one that will fit your budget. There are cruise ships exclusively for adults only, and those that are fit for kids! You can plan a whole week without ever getting behind a wheel on a cruise ship. Luxury style or budget style, there’s one for everyone. Setting sail across the seas in one of those lifetime vacations everyone should take when they don’t want to drive, plus you there’s so much to do you may not fit it all in one trip.

Train – Taking a train ride is all the fun when it comes to traveling across the states or countryside. In fact, with most train passes, you can get unlimited train transportation passes on boats, cab rides, ferries, and even cable cars. This naturally will depend on where you’re visiting. For instance, a Eurorail Pass (Europe) will give you these types of perks. So, if you plan on visiting Europe, hopping on a train will do you justice, plus save you tons of euros! Check the Amtrak site out for traveling across America in 2-4 weeks! (Go to:

Bus Charter Tours – These are ideal for all ages. In fact, you can go on a charter bus tour to the Hollywood Hills, or go to Baja in Mexico, or travel across the historical landscapes of Canada. Anywhere across the nation is fun to see when you go with a tour guide and other so travel savvy as you. Go visit Graceland with a bunch of Elvis lovers, either way, this is a great alternative transportation idea for anyone who loves to travel.

In summary, traveling to various destinations with another means of alternative transportation ideas such as these listed will give you homage to the meaning of vacation. You’ll see the world in a different perspective somehow. Besides RVing, you don’t have to behind the wheel and simply just relax and enjoy the ride. Leaving it to the “hands of others” may give you more relaxation then you’d ever dream of! So, start packing…!

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