What’s Your Vacation Style?

There's a number of ways to travel whether it's local or international. In fact, for those who vacation regularly (or "once-in-a-blue-moon") really know how it is to set up a great vacation. Are you one to swim with the sharks, hike a 15-mile trail (or more), camp out and fish, or go sea-shelling? Our world really is our oyster. In retrospect, I can recall when my parents would pack us up as a family and take off on a weekend getaway on Friday's, right after school. It was a mini-vacation, but was it worth it! From school, from my friends, from the world, my family would pack up and leave.   Come to find out, we were only 30 minutes away. (But it felt so far! And in another world, it felt like!) Yes, it's still considered local. We'd act, I guess, like tourists because we swam, we sunbathed, we played, ...shop, eat, and repeat to relax.) We were still considered "local."   Nevertheless, it was the local beaches which made us feel as if we were in Hawaii or Venice. Simply swimming the day away in the hotel's (or motel's) pool was such a great memory. Although come to find out, we weren't the only ones doing this back then. (You'll find many families still doing this.) Regardless of what era you're from, every generation has this a traveling ritual in their family. If you've never experienced it, it's never too late to start taking these types of vacations. Those vacations you'll remember (or forget) but that everyone will end up taking the memories with them as they get older. The main thing here is that as long as we relaxed, regroup, and enjoy the trip, its all for the mind, body, and soul!   Family retreat   Even if it's 30 minutes away, any travel experience as a form of retreat from daily life helps release so much stress thereby rejuvenating the body and the mind. The countless trips families and individuals take on a regular basis know what it's like, especially if they live near a coastal city. If you're lucky enough, you or someone you know may live near or in a coastal city. The fact is when you are shopping at the town you are visiting and stay in a local hotel, then go sightseeing, dine out, and shop! It's a million-to-one that you'll come back to your room feeling like a million bucks. You and the kids, if in tow, will feel like you're in another world, or country.   Family retreats are great in every region and since we have so many places to go to and see. We are what scientists call "a speck of what is really out there."(NASA, 2018) Until we find a way to vacation on Mars, then it's our National Parks, sandy coastlines, historical markers, and more that reel us into a vacation all its own.   Everyone has a style. Naturally, knowing your own travel style will eventually surface once you've paid attention to your likes, dislikes, interests, or hobbies. How and what you prepare beforehand, if at all, is up to you. If you're accustomed to being in and out of airports, train stations, bus stations, or even cruise ships, you've come a long way. You may even like camping or RVing and if not, you should try it.   So, what's your vacation style?   Catch amazing trips because it's never too late to begin thinking about what kind of traveling you're good at. The main purpose is to balance your life...to learn and grow mentally and spiritually. Visiting other places and learning about the region, the culture, and experiencing the unique surrounding of the place you're visiting is one of the best ventures you can do as a traveler. Naturally, if you enjoy history, the sky's the limit!