Tips for Travelling with Children

When you travel with children, there may be a few things to keep in mind. As a parent, you should know that they can be fussy at times and may need some extra things to take along with your travels with these little guys and gals.   - Visas are needed for your destination when you go to other countries other than your own. Therefore, don't be surprised if they're a requirement for your child. Not only do adults need them, but children need to take those pictures too. They'll also be a fee too and it's probably going to cost the same price as yours. Avoid two trips when you get your visa by getting yours and your child(ren). There are various countries that want you to have it collected in person at the main embassy of the country you reside in.   - Today there is a big problem with child trafficking and there's a rise in international adoptions. Because of these two factors, travelling with children can mean special documentation is needed. In some case, adopted children need to have their "adoption papers. Parents may need proof of consent from the other parent, if one is traveling with the child, and it doesn't matter of "marital status."   In other words, if you are American and you have an Italian toddler, it can be a red-flag for some officials at the country's Immigration services in the airports. So, if you are adopting the child, these adoption papers are needed. The child's passport and his/her name can also be an issue if it doesn't have the same name as you. Here's what you need.   - Child's birth certificate - Your marriage certificate (in some cases) - A consent letter signed/notarised from the other parent - If other parent is deceased, a death certificate may be needed.   ACCOMMODATIONS - Finding accommodations while pre-booking is one of the most flexible things to do a few month before you go on traveling with your children. This can help you look elsewhere on another date. Pre-booking is the wisest thing to do for any traveler with children. For instance, if you are a planning a summer vacation to India with your children, there's so many places that look like a gem through a child's eyes. Adventure and fun is what they'll experience if you plan a trip to the region of Thailand for instance. The experience that your child will get because of the people, the culture, the food, the history, plus the entertainment, will be like a kaleidoscope to them. Planning is needed so finding the accommodations first is a must so you can begin the itinerary for you and your family.   - There are many hotels and resorts which accommodate free children's meals, or at discount. The hotels may only advertise internationally, but if you live in a tourist town or near one, ask for these deals. Many international hotel chains offer them. They also have it bundled with certain dates or number of days you'll be staying. Complimentary ones for kids can be specially formulated for them if you talk to the staff beforehand if breakfast isn't available with your rate.   CLEANLINESS - Sterilizing things which infants and toddlers doesn't have to be so frustrating while traveling through countries, cities, or towns. Airports are busy with millions of people which means that sterilizing everything for your baby or child is necessary. Deal with it by investing in a portable steam sterilizer at the end of the day. Take multiple bottles, food (snack) containers, and teething toys... etc. so you can sterilize it when you check in to your hotel room, or guest house. It's less work when you need to clean all your children(s) items. It's less strenuous too when you use sterilizers.   PREPARATION - Getting your children thinking about "summer-related projects" before you leave would be giving them "a head's up." Begin by asking them to explore what they may want to see by viewing maps, historical events, plant or animal life, and geographic places to see. Researching beforehand the place you and your children will be visiting would help shake away the "jitters" for your children. Check out the types of food the locals eat and what other travelers recommend regarding dining out and restaurants for families with children. Many places have children discounts so by reviewing your destination's "places to eat," you'll save time and money.   SPECIAL NEEDS - Communicating with parents of special needs children may be a comforting thing to do when preparing for a family vacation. In fact, traveling with children with special needs can be a risky trip for him/her if your child isn't ready. Traveling in an unknown location for your children can make them experience an entire new culture. This can cause them to experience "culture-shock" which isn't fun at all for a young kid(s). Preparing certain medications and allergies to them may be cause for concern. when traveling with children. When in need of a doctor overseas or in another town, your children should be wearing identity bracelets. These detail medical bracelets will have your child's conditions. It'll have all the "allergies or allergic to..." labeled on it and should even have the health conditions your child(ren) may have. Additionally, your child's doctor's name should also be on it as well as the number to contact him/her for communication purposes and in cases of an emergency.   ADVENTURES - Besides the obvious Disney World trips, or Disney Cruise ships, take your kids to a place where they'll experience hands-on learning mixed with fun activities. A place such as a safari-like adventure to see live animals and learn about them is one idea. If you are fortunate enough to take them to another continent, such as Africa, where you know there's lots of animals and tour guides for safari fun is one vacation you and your kids will always remember. Then, you all can check it off from your child's "bucket list" when returning from your trip.   Finally, when you travel with children, patience is definitely a virtue. What will save you is remembering that traveling is for fun, to getaway, to have a thrilling time. If you're a visionary, you'll see that going to Disney World will ultimately bring out the child in you!