This Trip Stayed With Us (in a bad way)

I tend to extol the virtues of travel and love to recount the richness of my past and present experiences; but there are also trials and tribulations to relate. Not everything goes perfectly when you are away from home. It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal, but some little problem that rears its ugly head and ruins the vacation for the entire family. We have run out of bottled water when abroad and gotten terrible sunburns on the coast. Sometimes our luggage is lost and sometimes it bursts open on the conveyor belt. All kinds of issues arise everywhere you go. You take the wrong clothing and find yourself sweltering or freezing, as the case may be. Someone slips on a piece of gum on the sidewalk and incurs a little bruise on the knee. Anyone can get up late and miss a plane or forget their purse in the hotel. Any times, my cell phone has gone dead as I am in the midst of tracking down a family member. The culprit is poor planning, bad luck, or fate. Most of the time everything is wonderful or I wouldn’t be writing a blog about the greatness of travel. We don’t always enjoy the plane ride (when it is bumpy and scary) or the hotel we choose. The mattresses and pillows can be too soft or hard. There might not be enough towels or room in the tiny closet. One of the worst aspects of one trip was a stale cigarette smell that came wafting down the hall to our non-smoking section. I guess when the hotel advertised this feature, they failed to mention that it was absolutely adjacent to the smoking area. Now I had to face bedding and clothing that reeked of a distinct odor. I had to find a way to get it out. There was no way I was going to pack shirts and underwear and carry the evidence of cigarettes back home. No, they did not provide air freshener in the room. However, I did light some matches that someone had left in a drawer. I also used them to light a candle I had bought in a local shop as a souvenir after getting the idea from That did the trick. The lovely lemon scent filled the room in minutes, permeating the soiled clothing at the same time. I imagine that this sort of situation has happened to many travelers, especially those who frequent budget hotels. I sincerely recommend that you take travel size air deodorizer with you. It will come in handy in many situations. Of course, the moral of this story is that you don’t want your trip to stay with you (in a bad way). Keep scented sachets in your luggage.