Another reason to love traveling

If you have found my travel blog, you know why it is the most exciting and rewarding activity you can do, and even better when family is along for the ride. I could go on and on about various adventures that happen as I discover the vast variety of the world. I seem to have great luck in attracting unique situations. It is not always about scenery and sites, however, because there is more. As you revel in a new culture and appreciate another dimension of life, you also meet people of immense interest. The list I have of the most intriguing people is very long. And it is way for interesting than those on Barbara Walter’s show. On my trips here and there, fascinating men and women come into my life at odds times. They want to share their stories with someone new, and I am ready and willing to listen. I have been invited to tea in London and for pastries and coffee in France. I have stayed in an ice hotel, a yurt in Africa, and a cottage in Sussex. In the US, I have talked with teens, mothers, grandparents, and other travelers, some on the run from something chasing them in life. As for me, I am chasing adventure and experience. I have met artists and artisans of various arts. One of the most interesting was an old welder, long retired from the construction industry. Now he was expressing his love for metal in an array of expressive hand-crafted sculptures. His stories were riddled with mystery and meaning, and I intended to unravel them as we spoke. What intrigued me most was his confession of faith and how the spirit of the Lord invaded his work. It is not often that people speak of the deeper dimensions of life and I ate it up. He must have felt that I was a kindred spirit. As I urged him to reveal his inner truth, he divulged the great loss in his life: his beloved wife. When I became drawn to a small wiry sculpture that had been welded from metal debris, he mentioned that it was an image of his wife, not her physical appearance, but her celestial being and he'd used a MIG welder to make it - I felt it go through me as I touched the delicate shape. It was the most eerie feeling I have had while on a trip. I wasn’t in a shaman’s teepee or a wise man’s temple. I was with an ordinary human in an ordinary place. But these are the very places that such things happen. You can’t go out looking for them; they must come to you. The experience of oneness with this man and his wife was beyond compare.