On the Travel Team

There are many blogs about travel because there are millions who dream of it. They are like me, one of the diehard adventurers who love to share their experiences to destinations near and far. But my blog will be different. It is not just about the great cities I have visited, but, rather, how I combine a life of faith with my passion. In fact, it is faith that has prompted me to write to the world and give advice or provide a moral that seems to come from each of my travel experiences. Helping others brings me great joy. Even a quick trip out of town or a mini vacation has something positive to impart. When I go with my two children, five and seven, it is a very special event. They give me reason and motivation to journey together, and it replenishes my soul.

How does this work? For one thing, when you leave home, you enter another realm, one that allows you to think and reflect on your life and its purpose. People always talk about a change of place to get a change of pace; and this I know to be true. I only need a day here or there to come to realize the value of my family and how lucky I am to enjoy a wonderful life. You can do this to, if you make the decision to venture out.

Now it is time to give you a little example of what I am talking about so far. My daughter is on a traveling soccer team and it couldn’t be a better choice for the little one. She loves to visit new places as much as I do; she obviously has the “travel bug.” Together, we can explore and feel free to roam. Of course, the soccer matches dictate our time schedule, but we make sure there is room to maneuver everywhere we go. She even travels with her soccer ball (one of these: https://www.topcornermag.com/best-soccer-ball/), just in case there’s an opportunity to go for a kick around. When she first joined the youth team, I was leery; but I have converted to a real fan. I love to watch this healthy seven-year-old cavort about the field with the other players; each tries so hard to reach the ball. They end up panting with exertion. I am proud of her athletic skills and they will only get better as she grows.

Some of the games take us to small towns while others take us to big cities. The differences are enormous, but we always find it very special to be together as we discover the world. Travel is a form of education, both for you and your children. What better way to discuss current topics than to be on the road. You have the kids’ complete attention. Plus, they get more curious about things when in a new environment. If there are historic sites or museums, we take full advantage of them.

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