About Me

Hi, my name is Maddy and if you like traveling (or dream of it), you’re like millions upon millions of people world-wide who enjoy it and especially love to share it! As a family, we enjoy traveling the great cities far and near. My interests in traveling and faith is what brought me to write this blog. If there’s anything I’ve learned is through experience or someone else’s. Taking advice is gift from others, unbeknownst, giving it is just as sweet. If I’m fortunate enough to go out-of-town for vacation or on a short-term trip, alone or with my two children, something always positive comes from it. Luckily, one is 7 and the other is 5 yrs. old which give me a better reason to go traveling and replenish our souls!

Some of the topics discussed in Short Term Traveler’s Toolbox … are everything from how and why to get your visas, best places to go to during the summer, or any season, the secret hots spots of the coastal towns along the States and much more. What my kids love are the big buildings and the pretty lights at night, plus the beaches and swimming pools. I love the entertainment such as the music playing along the streets in New Orleans, or the food alongside the beaches in Central Florida for instance. Some of the international places which I’ve gone to and the ones I want to go to will be mentioned.

What I do know is that there’s something for everyone to discover and explore on our planet and because of my faith, I know that the rejuvenation I get from traveling is part of my calling and purpose in life. With that said, this is for the recreation-minded, families and individuals, who’ll never run out of places to see and visit world-wide, so follow me, Maddy.